123 Almonds Campaign


Mission & Goals

Every year on January 23rd, we celebrate Almond Day, and this time in 2023, we’ve taken our campaign to Instagram with a hip twist. But guess what? We’ve taken things up a notch! We’ve created a snazzy landing page that’s powered by VueJS + NuxtJS.

Imagine this: Over 100 mouthwatering menu items, and we didn’t break a sweat thanks to our nifty tool. We whipped up a tool that generates JSON from a Google Spreadsheet. No CMS? No problem! Even for projects without fancy content management systems, we’ve got you covered. We’re talking last-minute changes, updates, and tweaks – you name it, we can handle it.

Our goal? Creating an environment where everyone involved can smoothly sail through the project, feeling the good vibes. Let’s keep things groovy and almondlicious!

Frameworks & Libraries



  1. Google Spreadsheet:
    While clients often manage modifications when implementing a CMS, campaigns landing pages for promotions typically do not incorporate CMS. Instead, meticulous adjustments become imperative. Dealing with multiple rounds of modification files on an ongoing basis can lead to significant time wastage. To counter this, we’ve devised an efficient strategy: harnessing the power of Google Spreadsheet as a shared hub within our team. Here, we consolidate the latest information. At regular intervals, a locally generated JSON containing content is produced using a Node.js tool we’ve developed. This ensures that the content remains up-to-date during the building process, aligning with the latest updates. By embracing such tools, we enable swift adaptation to revisions repeatedly, avoiding the substantial costs associated with full CMS implementation. This streamlined approach facilitates quick integration and enhances day-to-day operational efficiency.