A&F Corporate Website


Mission & Goals

In 2014, we spearheaded the comprehensive overhaul of, and we’ve proudly maintained this trajectory of growth and innovation for nearly a decade. What started as a singular website has since evolved into a centralized platform, meticulously managing the diverse product database of associated brands.

Amidst the increasing prevalence of mobile technology, we recognized the imperative to adapt. Our focus shifted towards embracing a mobile-first approach, underpinned by the imperative of delivering a high-performance web experience. The recent revitalization initiative was driven by a strategic shift. We transitioned our PHP framework to Laravel, capitalizing on its robust capabilities. In the realm of frontend development, we strategically aligned with VueJS, a companion framework known for its harmonious synergy with Laravel.

A culmination of a decade’s dedication, during which we harnessed the potential of PHP and jQuery, has resulted in a sophisticated transformation. Embracing VueJS and InertiaJS, our endeavor has yielded an expeditious web ecosystem, enriched by the inclusion of Server Side Rendering. This holistic evolution exemplifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge digital solutions.

Frameworks & Libraries



  1. Headless CMS | Content Management System:
    A Headless CMS, tailored with PHP, the Laravel framework, jQuery, and VueJS, takes center stage. This innovative solution boasts a fully customized approach, with a clear demarcation between frontend and backend, allowing for seamless construction and unparalleled flexibility.

  2. Server-side rendering:
    While employing a JavaScript framework, the incorporation had been somewhat limited for non-SNS and non-app platforms due to potential SEO implications commonly seen in traditional websites. However, a significant breakthrough has emerged: the realization of Server Side Rendering (SSR) leveraging both PHP and Node.js. This strategic evolution ensures steadfast SEO adherence while simultaneously reducing page load instances and asset fetch counts, similar to the efficiency of Single Page Applications (SPA) and Multi-Page Applications (MPA). Consequently, this architecture alleviates server strain, while also offering a battery-friendly, eco-conscious experience for users accessing the site via mobile devices.

  3. Sustainable structure:
    The early adoption of a Headless CMS and the strategic utilization of MySQL for a versatile table structure have proved to be invaluable over the course of nearly a decade. This forward-thinking approach has enabled the seamless preservation of content, while efficiently facilitating updates exclusively within the frontend. Rather than creating content tailored to the website, our strategy revolves around shaping the website’s structure to accommodate the content. As a result, the backend and content remain unchanged, allowing for streamlined renovations without altering the backend or content—prioritizing a structure that evolves with the content, not the other way around.