CMS Operation Service


Mission & Goals

At GMIX, our scope extends beyond web and app development; we provide adept support for CMS operations and maintenance. Particularly among multinational and global enterprises, there’s been a recent trend towards catering websites for individual countries. This often involves utilizing a CMS set up by the parent company, with teams logging in to manage operations. Amidst this landscape, challenges arise: overseas-developed CMS platforms, menus, and user interfaces predominantly being in English, compliance issues leading to restricted permissions, and the unfortunate loss of resources and expertise due to employee turnover.

In such scenarios, GMIX plays an invaluable role. We become a crucial asset, adeptly navigating these situations. Our operational support entails seamless communication with overseas development teams and local IT personnel in English. We boast experience with a myriad of CMS and cart systems, ranging from Wordpress, MovableType, Drupal to Contentful, Shopify, and more. This extensive proficiency enables us to serve as a reliable partner in diverse scenarios. We’re adept at not only engaging with North American and European teams but also communicating with development teams in India. We excel at resolving complex challenges that may prove difficult to address internally.

Beyond developing CMS platforms and hosting them on AWS or other cloud infrastructures, we’re also well-equipped to handle SAAS and PAAS solutions such as Wordpress Engine or Vercel. These adaptable approaches generally fulfill requirements in most cases, ensuring the operational success of your projects.

CMS & Headless CMS services



  1. Wordpress:
    Wordpress, the most widely used platform on the internet, serves myriad purposes. We prioritize secure operations to enhance its usage. Case in point, we maintain a strong focus on safety while utilizing Wordpress. An excellent testament to this approach is “A Moment in Tohoku,” a website curated for foreign travelers on behalf of the Japan Tourism Agency. Even as a Wordpress-driven endeavor, it successfully passed rigorous security checks, earning the highest level of confidence. You can confidently embrace our Wordpress solutions, knowing that they are designed with your security in mind. Theme and plugin development、with JS frontend as HeadlessCMS, anyway you like we can customize it.

  2. Drupal:
    Drupal, a PHP-based CMS renowned for its multilingual capabilities, is widely adopted by public institutions, NGOs, and similar entities. Like Wordpress, it finds application across diverse sectors. Drawing from our experience, GMIX has been involved in constructing Drupal-based websites, making us well-versed in Drupal site development. Consequently, we extend our services to encompass Drupal-powered site operations. In fact, we’ve even managed sites that have been operational since 2018. Since it’s multilingual platform, Japanese domestic company don’t really need to use them yet, and for more likely, work on the system develped globally and we help them to localize.

  3. Contentful:
    Contentful, a prominent player in the realm of Headless CMS, exemplifies the modern CMS architecture. It seamlessly combines Contentful’s backend with ReactJS and other frontend technologies, while utilizing Netlify for streamlined building processes. Although the adoption of Contentful is still in its early stages domestically, global enterprises abroad have embraced solutions like Vercel to power their websites.
    Aligned with this evolving trend, we actively support projects for multinational corporations by leveraging Contentful. Our expertise involves localizing articles for the Japanese audience, thereby enhancing content delivery. This dynamic approach caters to the ever-changing landscape and underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive operational support for international ventures.

  4. Shopify:
    Shopify uses technology based on ReactJS + Remix, and there are many things to customize in Shopify as it has many great service as default and kick start. Development or just operation, either way GMIX can fill your needs.